Who we are

AeroTech Consulting LLC is a corporate aviation company based at DWC (Dubai World Central), Al Maktoum International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.

What we do

We are cooperating with global leader of Air Charter Organizations and Aircraft leasing companies that enables us to offer quick response to all individual requests.

What we have done

Check out our portfolio of our international cooperations and consulting projects; from Red Carpet Treatment for VVIP & VIP flights to large group transportation & much more.

What we offer

For more information about our company profile, interesting details, settings and also helpful suggestions, feel free and download our e-Brochure to stay in touch.

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Corporate Business Aviation Consultancy
~ Why Business Jets Makes Economic Sense?

Business jets are expensive assets, but the time saved by flying privately can make it the right investment for many businesses. Your car drives you to the airport and parks next to your aircraft. There is no queuing for security, no need to move between terminals or sit waiting for flights. You fly to the airport nearest where you want to go, you don’t need to change aircraft and you can fly home when you want to. Flying privately is quicker and more pleasant than with commercial airlines in almost every way; there is less hassle, less stress and the aircraft leaves when you want it to. But corporate jets are not just about luxury. They are about TIME which is major subject of a Global Business - Time Machines.
Business jets offer
passengers the ability to make business trips that would be impossible by flying on commercial airlines. They make it possible to have meetings in Dubai or anywhere else in 1 day and still fly you home that night.
~ Exclusive Quality has indeed its price; Business Jets cost a lot to fuel and operate. They also cost a lot more to land at the closest airport to a city than one that is 50 miles away. “But if your CFO calculates THE TIME VALUE of four executives spending several days out of the office rather than just one - and of course the commercial airliner First Class prices, hotels and subsistence costs - then spending several thousand dollars chartering a jet can often be the right investment or sometimes the same amount."

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